Business Process Engineering (English)
Program and other materials for students (ISIS Documents Server)

4IT458  Business Process Driven Public Administration (Czech)
Program and other materials for students (ISIS Documents Server)

4IT525  Information modelling of organizations (English)
Teamwork rules
Program - Spring 2018

Project Initiation Checklist
Consistency table - example

materials (in Czech)
Object analysis and UML
Analytical models
Project management
Business Processes Reengineering
BSP Methodology
LBMS Methodology
OO Design
Course literature (in Czech)

IS Analysis and Design
Business Process Management
"Strukturovaná analýza v obrazech"
"Řízení projektu IS"
IS Development Tools and Techniques
Object analysis and UML

Research & Development
Business System Modeling - project OpenSoul
Business Processes Modeling
Methodology Framework for Information Systems Development
Information Systems Development
Business Process and Services Computing Conference
Information Systems Development Conference
Business Information Systems Conference
Systems Integration Conference

Other Topics
Cognitive Informatics

Young Artist Gallery